About Us

About That Film Festival

With the ever increasing rise in demand for innovative and exciting content it is hardly surprising how much new talent there is within the Film and TV industries.  This abundance of talent, however, does not always translate to a corresponding abundance of opportunity for that talent.

Getting the right support, exposure, and funding to make the films and shows that they want can, for some, even those with exceptional talent and original ideas, seem like an impossibility. At some point ends have got to meet.

We at That Film Festival are committed to ensuring that such talent does not go to waste any longer.

Berlin Showcase - Now Open For Submissions

Our Mission

To provide film-makers with genuine exposure to industry experts and film investors. These are the people who can turn your vision into reality.


We host four showcases throughout the year in Berlin, Cannes, London and Marbella respectively. Each showcase centres around the short films and mini-series content that has been successfully submitted, plus networking opportunities, Q&A sessions and other events.

The overall single winner of these showcases, as chosen by our panel of industry experts and active film investors, will win funding of up to £1million to develop their project. The prize also includes 1 years marketing, sales and distribution.

The lucky winner will also be a part of a 9-part, uncensored documentary series following their journey  through casting, filming, post production and sales and distribution, in a behind the scenes look of what it’s really like to be a first-time director.

This innovative and life changing competition paves way for a new process of identifying talented directors in an overcrowded industry. We are literally putting talent in front of investors, marketing directors, sales and distribution professionals.