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About That Film Festival

We host four showcases throughout the year to unearth the best new film-making talent. Our grand prize, a feature film with a budget of £1,000,000, will enable the winner to leapfrog into the world of full feature film-making, while also ensuring that they receive the support and professional expertise which a debut feature filmmaker might otherwise struggle to access. It doesn’t take the worldly wisdom of Aristotle to realise that talent needs opportunity and support to fully develop. So, if you’ve got the talent...

How It All Works

Four showcases held quarterly throughout the year in Berlin, Cannes, London and Marbella respectively.

The centrepiece of each showcase is (of course) the short films and mini-series content that has been selected. We also provide networking opportunities, Q&A sessions and other events (not all film related we promise).

Our panel of industry experts and investors selects up to five winners from each showcase, who then go on to compete for the grand prize in our season finale; funding of up to £1,000,000 to develop their film or mini-series. The prize also includes one year marketing, international and domestic sales, and distribution strategies.

The winner will also be the focus of a 9-part, uncensored documentary series following their journey through casting, filming, post production, as well as participating in international markets, in a behind the scenes look at what it’s really like to be a first-time director.

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